Best way to tether your iPhone – PDAnet

Unlike most apps that will provide a proxy web service to your computer through your iPhone PDAnet will provide a complete network solution for tethering your computer.  Basically, you can use your iPhone as a computer wifi device, without restriction.  While proxy apps will work well for web applications, it doesn’t work for stuff like email, ftp, ssh, etc. PDAnet […]

Sony’s latest piece of…

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work This has been around for a while but it’s fun.  There’s language so make sure you blast this at work. Happy Friday.

Old fashion “Open Folder” Icon in the Dock

While the newer versions of OS X have been great and the dock has matured, I hated one thing.  Sometimes I just want to put a directory on the dock without it doing it’s crazy effect stuff to it like Fan, Grid, List, etc.  Many times all I want is a dock icon that will just open a directory in […]

Credit Card Swipe Dance

Why is it that every time I purchase something with a credit card at most stores I end up having to do the credit card swipe dance.  And how did this ever replace the good ol’ “cashier single swipes the card and here’s the receipt” days?  Technology sucks sometimes… Me: Swipe now? oh not yet. ok now? YES ok… Cashier: […]