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In case you’ve been in a bubble and are in dire need of decent music,  I highly recommend John Mayer.  There’s a few songs from him below.  If you happen to be a singer/songwriter, check out John’s web site blog @ A recent post called “Conscious Composition” is very cool.  Good Stuff.  So what album is his best?  Well I like Continuum, but probably just because it’s his latest studio album.  I have seriously enjoyed every album to date.   Frankly you can’t go wrong with John.  One album that never had big press that I enjoy is, “Inside Wants Out“.  Check him out!

The song, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room“, is in my humble opinion is a masterpiece:

Belief” is another great tune from John…

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      I went to his blog, and man, his personality really comes out, the kinda guy I would love to hang out with, drink, trade songs, and talk music. I love his attitude towards songwriting.


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