Time lapse photos using your TI calculator

This is a great project for just about anyone who ever went to class with a TI calculator.  With a few lines of code on the calculator and a 2.5mm male to male plug you can create time lapse photos. Turn a TI Graphing Calculator into an Intervalometer and Create Time Lapse Videos – More DIY How To Projects

John Mayer

In case you’ve been in a bubble and are in dire need of decent music,  I highly recommend John Mayer.  There’s a few songs from him below.  If you happen to be a singer/songwriter, check out John’s web site blog @ http://www.johnmayer.com/battlestudies/. A recent post called “Conscious Composition” is very cool.  Good Stuff.  So what album is his best?  Well […]

Howie Day @ The Bluebird

Stuart was gracious in surprising me with a Howie Day ticket tonight. Man my bro can be a cool cat. At the venue Stuart ran around taking some great pics of Howie live. Highly recommended if you like phenomenal guitar and smart songwriter lyrics. Pics are @ www.skfunphoto.com. Below are a few video’s of Howie doing his thing.  His talent […]

Screen Cleaner

I know you don’t clean your screen very often and it is hard to do the inside, so go here: http://www.raincitystory.com/flash/screenclean.swf

RC Flying fun with the Padilla’s

Today was a great day: planes, friends, and no trashed planes at the end – Perfect! Below are a few photo’s from the day’s events. The smurf lookin’ guy is me, and Grace and AJ are in the mix as well. We went to the Miniature Aero Sportsters field to fly and the hospitality was wonderful. A number of “Pros” […]

Flying RC’s today

Today I think I’ll be flying some of my Remote Contol Planes and Heli’s. It’s been a long time so today may end in tragedy! I think I’ll fly out at the Miniature Aero Sportsters site north of DIA. It’s a bit of a drive but the area is beautiful and it’s rare to be able to see real jumbo’s […]

Flobots Rock

My Bro-man Stuart turned me on to a local band called the Flobots a while ago and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear intelligent lyrics again. It took a while for me to warm up to them, but now Debi and I like to rock to them on a regular basis. We really do it up […]