RC Flying fun with the Padilla’s

Today was a great day: planes, friends, and no trashed planes at the end – Perfect! Below are a few photo’s from the day’s events. The smurf lookin’ guy is me, and Grace and AJ are in the mix as well. We went to the Miniature Aero Sportsters field to fly and the hospitality was wonderful. A number of “Pros” were there doing thier thing and they were eager to see a new potential member. I got the memeber information and just sent the check in. I was very pleased with the attitude of everyone there, and I even got some great advise on my Stryker F27C delta. Good stuff.

AJ flew the Alpha Trainer for the first time using a “buddy box”, which is a transmitter tandemed to another transmitter I was controlling. I use a “Train” switch on my transmitter to selectively give control of the plane so AJ didn’t have to sweat much about it. I was very impressed and he got the whole “Your plane – My plane” concept and really hung in there. It generally takes about 15 flights on a buddy box to get used to flying, and another 15 flights to be good enough to do solo take offs and landings. Simulator time can help greatly with getting the concepts down. FS1 and Real Flight are the most popular sims out there. There’s even a ready to fly starter plane kit, complete with everything including the flight sim stuff at most hobbie stores now. The Hobbico Nextstar RTF is one of them.

Grace had my camera and got a number of great shots, including a few of me flying the helicopter. Thanks Grace!

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