Inside the Meltdown…

I was in Texas last week and was able to see a number of “Tea Party” protests that are generally against big government, and are fed up with the currently elected government and the recent bailout monies allocated for these large banks. Since I fancy myself as a person who agrees with these ideals, I started researching into what really […]

Cool Mac automater Actions

I just found cool automater actions at The action I’m especially please with is the “Create Clean Archive” action.  This will create a archive zip file that does not have the usualy .DS_Store files and crap.  Excellent stuff!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-05

Off to the Glenn to Celebrate Rachelle’s B-day. Earlier I started work on my main wing assembly for the F4U Corsair. 2 weeks to flight! # Just got to my hotel in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Feeling kinda sick. Hopefully it’s just jet crud # Wrapping up at the customer site in Ft Lauderdale. Going home tomorrow! # Powered by Twitter […]