Add HEIC support to nextcloud

Add HEIC support to nextcloud

From A restart of apache2 should finish the job. Check with the phpinfo() call…

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma

I thought I understood the general concepts and algorithms that companies like google, Facebook, twitter, etc. use but I was astounded about how much it impacts us as a society. The documentary, “The Social Dilemma”, on Netflix, is filled with conversations with many of the original architects of these systems and how monetization though ad targeting is driving behavior modification […]

So long, Facebook, and Thanks for all the Fish …

So long, Facebook, and Thanks for all the Fish …

Good Morning!After not being active on Facebook for almost a year now I made the move to completely delete my account.  While it was surprisingly tough initially it was a great decision.  I realized all the ads and shaped content was not worth the family and friend connection I was actually seeking.  My account on Instagram will probably be deleted […]

Password-less ssh in 2 Glorious Steps…

Password-less ssh in 2 Glorious Steps…

Local System – Let’s call it alphaRemote System we don’t want to have to enter passwords for,Let’s call it foxtrot Prep: Harden your existing ssh keys since RSA 1024 sucks. This will create a new 4096 version – ed22519 is actually preferred so you can skip the rsa creation if preferred. me@alpha$ mv ~/.ssh/id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_rsa_legacy me@alpha$ mv ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/ me@alpha$ […]

HomeLab Build

HomeLab Build

Since I had a old windows laptop as a plex and file server for years I thought it would be good to try something new. After researching options I ddecided to try FreeNAS. Since it has ZFS and I’m an old Sun guy – why not. Well…. After a few weeks I decided to abandon FreeNAS and roll my own […]

Raspberry Pi backup using fsarchiver and other tricks

So I ran into a few issues using the dd image backup I referenced prior Raspberry Pi 3 SDCard backup The Image is very large even though the data was not.  For example on a 32GB SD card I was getting a 12GB file.  I only have 3GB of data! so that was a bummer. When it comes time to recover, […]

Living on a Raspberry Pi!

This feels a little weird! Playing with the overclocking and it really makes a difference!  The settings below look stable but make the proc very hot (over 85 degrees c.) From /boot/config.txt: # Overclock settings – disabled until heat sink is added. 170327 SeanK #arm_freq=1350 #core_freq=500 #over_voltage=4 #disable_splash=1 ##force_turbo=1 #boot_delay=1 #sdram_freq=500 Also created a script to put the governor in […]

Snipe heaven

Snipe heaven

Ah good times…  Below is from 2010! Here’s some new details on snipes… I have 4 VM’s running MS-DOS and Netware.  Game On! Instructions: Use a vnc viewer like TightVNC (realVNC didn’t work for me, only gave me a blank screen). Go to one of the following server Connect to one of the ports, 5901 thought 5904 If […]

Netgear Stora NAS

Warning:  Nerd Content ahead! Since I work helping companies manage their enterprise storage environment, I tend to be very anal with storing my own data at home.  It needs to be resilient, redundant, and fast. Why?  I’m retarded. Most of the time this means I end up spending more than enough money with something I have to constantly manage and […]

Best way to tether your iPhone – PDAnet

Unlike most apps that will provide a proxy web service to your computer through your iPhone PDAnet will provide a complete network solution for tethering your computer.  Basically, you can use your iPhone as a computer wifi device, without restriction.  While proxy apps will work well for web applications, it doesn’t work for stuff like email, ftp, ssh, etc. PDAnet […]

Old fashion “Open Folder” Icon in the Dock

While the newer versions of OS X have been great and the dock has matured, I hated one thing.  Sometimes I just want to put a directory on the dock without it doing it’s crazy effect stuff to it like Fan, Grid, List, etc.  Many times all I want is a dock icon that will just open a directory in […]

Time lapse photos using your TI calculator

This is a great project for just about anyone who ever went to class with a TI calculator.  With a few lines of code on the calculator and a 2.5mm male to male plug you can create time lapse photos. Turn a TI Graphing Calculator into an Intervalometer and Create Time Lapse Videos – More DIY How To Projects to shorten urls

I just started using to shorten long urls and it has the ability to do some very cool stuff if you link it into your wordpress site.  I prefer it over tunyurl and others.  Check it out!

Great Data Storage Presentation

If you go to there’s an excellent presentation on data storage concepts and recommendations.  It’s HDS AMS focused, but the majority of the presentation relates to general data storage.  Great stuff!

Cleanup the Open with… menu in OS X

For OS X Leopard this worked for me. Cut and paste this command into terminal: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.f*/Frameworks/LaunchS*/Support/lsregister \  -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

My datacenter is all blowed up…

This is a marketing video from HP simulating a datacenter disaster causing a fail over to a backup datacenter.  People often ask me what I do for a living and for most of the time the answer I usually give doesn’t help.  If the conversation continues with printer driver questions in Vista I know I failed to describe what I do.  So in short, […]

Website tracking with Google Analytics

I recently started using Google Analytics to track my web site usage and so far it’s been great.  By creating a account, and installing the wordpress plugin “Google Analyticator” I now get detail on how my site is being viewed.  Great stuff – try it out!

mySql search and replace within a field.

When moving wordpress sites from one domain to another, it’s common to have hard coded urls in the database of the old web site.  To update the majority of the posts, you can use the following sql statement to update the post urls.  You may also need to run the statement on the guid foild as well. UPDATE wp_posts SET […]