The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma

I thought I understood the general concepts and algorithms that companies like google, Facebook, twitter, etc. use but I was astounded about how much it impacts us as a society. The documentary, “The Social Dilemma”, on Netflix, is filled with conversations with many of the original architects of these systems and how monetization though ad targeting is driving behavior modification […]

Credit Card Swipe Dance

Why is it that every time I purchase something with a credit card at most stores I end up having to do the credit card swipe dance.  And how did this ever replace the good ol’ “cashier single swipes the card and here’s the receipt” days?  Technology sucks sometimes… Me: Swipe now? oh not yet. ok now? YES ok… Cashier: […]

9 Habits to Stop Now

I highly recommend reading the blogs, “The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now” and “How to Check E-mail Twice a Day… or Once Every 10 Days“, by Tim Ferris.  Great recommendations for all of us who don’t seem to ever have enough time for anything these days.

Goodbye Sun Microsystems…

So Oracle is in the final stages of buying Sun Microsystems Inc, a company I adored for years. It’s too bad to see Sun go, and with all other Oracle buyouts I’m sure not much will be left of the original idea of Sun. It’s sad to see, but after seeing Sun as the premier UNIX envorinment in the late […]

Inside the Meltdown…

I was in Texas last week and was able to see a number of “Tea Party” protests that are generally against big government, and are fed up with the currently elected government and the recent bailout monies allocated for these large banks. Since I fancy myself as a person who agrees with these ideals, I started researching into what really […]

Ten Trillion and Counting…

This is a frontline episode that talks about the national debt and how the country’s deficit is exploding. It also talks about how both political parties are at fault, and how the US needs to come to terms on the problem to start working on fixing it.