Netgear Stora NAS

Warning:  Nerd Content ahead!

Since I work helping companies manage their enterprise storage environment, I tend to be very anal with storing my own data at home.  It needs to be resilient, redundant, and fast. Why?  I’m retarded. Most of the time this means I end up spending more than enough money with something I have to constantly manage and tweak.  No inexpensive NAS device has had all the features I wanted in a embedded device – until now.

A few weeks ago I decided to give Netgear Stora a try and I’m very impressed with it.  Firstly, it’s a 1TB NAS device for $200 bucks that really performs.  I have a gig net at home and the Stora works very well with it’s own 1gbit net interface.

It can support usb drives on it directly and it will auto RAID1 if you install a second drive inside it, which was the main reason I tried it.

What’s so nice, is it has a web interface for file manipulation that can be accessed easily from the internet. Who cares right?  While a 1gbit network is fast, direct hard drive access is much faster.  Usually with a NAS device you have to have a computer available to upload the data from other disks onto the NAS device.  With the direct USB disk support and web interface, I was able to migrate 700Gb of data much faster than having a computer as the middle man.  Since the stora was doing the copying, I didn’t have to worry about network hiccups and file share weirdness with larger files.  Nice.

I just found out that while Netgear says the filesystem is propriety I was able to mount the internal mirrored drive on my computer by mounting it as a XFS filesystem within a ubuntu vm instance.    AWESOME.   This means if the Stora dies, I can still get to my data.

Optional RAID1, Great Net Performance, USB Disk Support, Internet support, Media Server support for my PS3 – $200 bucks. Good times.

Here’s  a demo on it:

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