Netgear Stora NAS

Netgear Stora NAS

  Warning:  Nerd Content ahead! Since I work helping companies manage their enterprise storage environment, I tend to be very anal with storing my data at home.  It needs to be resilient, redundant, and fast. Why?  I’m retarded. Most of the time, I spend more than enough money on something I have to manage and tweak constantly.  No inexpensive NAS […]

Great Data Storage Presentation

If you go to there’s an excellent presentation on data storage concepts and recommendations.  It’s HDS AMS focused, but the majority of the presentation relates to general data storage.  Great stuff!

My datacenter is all blowed up…

This is a marketing video from HP simulating a datacenter disaster causing a fail over to a backup datacenter.  People often ask me what I do for a living and for most of the time the answer I usually give doesn’t help.  If the conversation continues with printer driver questions in Vista I know I failed to describe what I do.  So in short, […]

OSX Mirrored Raidset Recovery

Today I experienced a firewire drive failure on my mini. To determine which drive was bad was a bit difficult since the apple profiler does not show serial number information about the drives and the firewire id can change depending on which drive was ready first, etc. After the experience I now have the following steps to take to make […]