HomeLab Build

HomeLab Build

Since I had a old windows laptop as a plex and file server for years I thought it would be good to try something new. After researching options I ddecided to try FreeNAS. Since it has ZFS and I’m an old Sun guy – why not. Well…. After a few weeks I decided to abandon FreeNAS and roll my own […]

Raspberry Pi backup using fsarchiver and other tricks

So I ran into a few issues using the dd image backup I referenced prior Raspberry Pi 3 SDCard backup The Image is very large even though the data was not.  For example on a 32GB SD card I was getting a 12GB file.  I only have 3GB of data! so that was a bummer. When it comes time to recover, […]

Netgear Stora NAS

Warning:  Nerd Content ahead! Since I work helping companies manage their enterprise storage environment, I tend to be very anal with storing my own data at home.  It needs to be resilient, redundant, and fast. Why?  I’m retarded. Most of the time this means I end up spending more than enough money with something I have to constantly manage and […]

Sun Cheatsheet

I published my Sun Cheatsheet document to the world recently. It’s a compilation of Sun commands and processes that I documented over the years. Enjoy! http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dhjhzg6x_3c6d658