Website tracking with Google Analytics

I recently started using Google Analytics to track my web site usage and so far it’s been great.  By creating a account, and installing the wordpress plugin “Google Analyticator” I now get detail on how my site is being viewed.  Great stuff – try it out!

mySql search and replace within a field.

When moving wordpress sites from one domain to another, it’s common to have hard coded urls in the database of the old web site.  To update the majority of the posts, you can use the following sql statement to update the post urls.  You may also need to run the statement on the guid foild as well. UPDATE wp_posts SET […]

Cool Mac automater Actions

I just found cool automater actions at The action I’m especially please with is the “Create Clean Archive” action.  This will create a archive zip file that does not have the usualy .DS_Store files and crap.  Excellent stuff!