Why pre-flight checks are good…

This video was taken by Mr. Brown while we were at the Cherry Creek RC airfield (http://www.denverrceagles.org/) last week. If you watch the video you’ll see the starboard aileron at full deflection.  The guy who flew the plane had a hard landing earlier that day and didn’t forgot to do another pre-flight control check before this flight.  I do a […]

My A-10 Foamie and F4U Corsair

Here’s my new A-10 warthog just completed and the F4-U Corsair I’m building.  The A-10 is my first ducted fan plane so I’m excited to see how it does.  I expect to “mod” it for Colorado’s altitude.  I got the A-10 kit from NitroPlanes and while the parts are a bit cheezy, the foam construction is very good. I’m also […]