My A-10 Foamie and F4U Corsair

Here’s my new A-10 warthog just completed and the F4-U Corsair I’m building.  The A-10 is my first ducted fan plane so I’m excited to see how it does.  I expect to “mod” it for Colorado’s altitude.  I got the A-10 kit from NitroPlanes and while the parts are a bit cheezy, the foam construction is very good.

I’m also very excited about my F4-U Corsair.  Debi got this plane for me years ago, and I’ve been frustrated about not getting it built – I plan to have it flying by next month!  It calls for a .40 size engine so of coarse I’m installing a .60 MDS or a .70 Supertigre so it should scoot around just fine.  More to come.


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