Old fashion “Open Folder” Icon in the Dock

While the newer versions of OS X have been great and the dock has matured, I hated one thing.  Sometimes I just want to put a directory on the dock without it doing it’s crazy effect stuff to it like Fan, Grid, List, etc.  Many times all I want is a dock icon that will just open a directory in […]

Credit Card Swipe Dance

Why is it that every time I purchase something with a credit card at most stores I end up having to do the credit card swipe dance.  And how did this ever replace the good ol’ “cashier single swipes the card and here’s the receipt” days?  Technology sucks sometimes… Me: Swipe now? oh not yet. ok now? YES ok… Cashier: […]

Using rsync for replication on OS X

I recently began a quest to replicate my house data with a hosting service so if my house goes up in a fire I still have my data elsewhere. The utility that seems to work the best for this is called rsync, and is available on most flavors of Unix, including Apple’s OS X. Why is it good?  Well, rsync […]

The 4th Electrical Element, Memristor

Last year HP Labs was able to create the long theorized electrical element, the Memristor.  While most people have not heard anything about the memristor, it will soon change the whole face of our electronics world.  The Memristor was a theoretical element in electronics that was postulated in the late 1960’s and was finally created in 2008.  Our entire electronics […]

Time lapse photos using your TI calculator

This is a great project for just about anyone who ever went to class with a TI calculator.  With a few lines of code on the calculator and a 2.5mm male to male plug you can create time lapse photos. Turn a TI Graphing Calculator into an Intervalometer and Create Time Lapse Videos – More DIY How To Projects

Su.pr to shorten urls

I just started using su.pr to shorten long urls and it has the ability to do some very cool stuff if you link it into your wordpress site.  I prefer it over tunyurl and others.  Check it out!

9 Habits to Stop Now

I highly recommend reading the blogs, “The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now” and “How to Check E-mail Twice a Day… or Once Every 10 Days“, by Tim Ferris.  Great recommendations for all of us who don’t seem to ever have enough time for anything these days.

Great Data Storage Presentation

If you go to http://dsstos.blogspot.com/ there’s an excellent presentation on data storage concepts and recommendations.  It’s HDS AMS focused, but the majority of the presentation relates to general data storage.  Great stuff!

Cleanup the Open with… menu in OS X

For OS X Leopard this worked for me. Cut and paste this command into terminal: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.f*/Frameworks/LaunchS*/Support/lsregister \  -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Tesla Motors

This is my next dream car.  I saw one of these beauties in Ft. Lauderdale and it was so sexy.  100% Electric, quick charging, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds… Awesome.

My datacenter is all blowed up…

This is a marketing video from HP simulating a datacenter disaster causing a fail over to a backup datacenter.  People often ask me what I do for a living and for most of the time the answer I usually give doesn’t help.  If the conversation continues with printer driver questions in Vista I know I failed to describe what I do.  So in short, […]

Website tracking with Google Analytics

I recently started using Google Analytics to track my web site usage and so far it’s been great.  By creating a account, and installing the wordpress plugin “Google Analyticator” I now get detail on how my site is being viewed.  Great stuff – try it out!

mySql search and replace within a field.

When moving wordpress sites from one domain to another, it’s common to have hard coded urls in the database of the old web site.  To update the majority of the posts, you can use the following sql statement to update the post urls.  You may also need to run the statement on the guid foild as well. UPDATE wp_posts SET […]