Sun Cheatsheet

I published my Sun Cheatsheet document to the world recently. It’s a compilation of Sun commands and processes that I documented over the years. Enjoy!

Bye MobileMe…

Buying a hosted domain: $100 Buying a pro membership on smugmug: $60 Installing WordPress: $0 Able to manage my familiy’s websites with freedom and without major pain: Priceless! I recently started a journey on removing my dependancy on Apple’s MobileMe services. When .Mac ruled the land with web-based wonders, life was good. Then Apple decided to trash what worked with […]

Screen Cleaner

I know you don’t clean your screen very often and it is hard to do the inside, so go here:

RC Flying fun with the Padilla’s

Today was a great day: planes, friends, and no trashed planes at the end – Perfect! Below are a few photo’s from the day’s events. The smurf lookin’ guy is me, and Grace and AJ are in the mix as well. We went to the Miniature Aero Sportsters field to fly and the hospitality was wonderful. A number of “Pros” […]

Flying RC’s today

Today I think I’ll be flying some of my Remote Contol Planes and Heli’s. It’s been a long time so today may end in tragedy! I think I’ll fly out at the Miniature Aero Sportsters site north of DIA. It’s a bit of a drive but the area is beautiful and it’s rare to be able to see real jumbo’s […]

Flobots Rock

My Bro-man Stuart turned me on to a local band called the Flobots a while ago and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear intelligent lyrics again. It took a while for me to warm up to them, but now Debi and I like to rock to them on a regular basis. We really do it up […]

Gennaro’s Busted…

I just found out the Italian restaurant Gennaro’s next to Mr. Roper was closed due to a gambling ring – Awesome! LJ, one of the bartenders was shown on the news broadcast as being involved. Boy, this town is lively! I do miss the food… Here’s a link to the news story on channel 7 and the Court Case Document… […]

Fixing the command “man” in OSX

The command ‘man’ in terminal has an annoying feature: it clears the screen on exit. So if you find a command line switch you want to try, when you exit man the detail all disappears. To correct this, change the following line in /private/etc/man.conf: PAGER /usr/bin/less -is to PAGER /usr/bin/less -isX

Bold vs iPhone

After buying both the iPhone and iPhone 3g, I became frustrated with the typical iPhone problems – spotty 3g network access, no cut-n-paste, etc. As a result, I was excited about the Bold and got one right when it came out. Having used a crackberry in the past was I confident that it would be the device for me. I […]

Business Travel Recommendations

First off I highly recommend visiting Mr. Greg Brown’s Travel Tips. Greg has put together a concise listing of great recommendations. Thank you Greg! General Tips: For business travel, sign up for Clear. Clear went out of business. When selecting seats for flights, check for seat details. Ask your preferred airline if they have a accelerated rewards program for […]

Using system wide socks proxy with iphone tethering

Recently I discovered a program called proxifier, a OS X Leopard program that will send all network traffic through a defined socks proxy server. So instead of defining the proxy settings in each individual program, simply turn on proxifier and redirect all the network traffic. proxifier is the same thing as WideCap or FreeCap in the Windows side. tsocks for […]

OSX Mirrored Raidset Recovery

Today I experienced a firewire drive failure on my mini. To determine which drive was bad was a bit difficult since the apple profiler does not show serial number information about the drives and the firewire id can change depending on which drive was ready first, etc. After the experience I now have the following steps to take to make […]